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Shenzhen Guochu kitchenware Co., Ltd
深圳市国厨厨具有限公司是一家专注于商用厨房设备的研发与生产销售于一体的知名企业,主营生产和销售大型商业厨房设备,中西餐炉。电磁炉等厨具设备。为广大客户提供完善的餐饮及厨具设备一体化解决方案。已通过ISO9001:2008国际质量体系认证、环境管理体系ISO14001:2004认证及OHSAS 18001:2007职业健康安全管理体系认证。公司创立于1998年,前身为惠州市九威厨房设备有限公司 ,根据公司自身成长的需要和适应市场经济的发展,于2010年重新成立了深圳市国厨厨具有限公司。
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Overall solutions expert
Overall solution specialist
Key points of modern kitchen planning and design
  • Understand the decision-maker business model, field survey and measurement of size.
  • Kitchen equipment layout is reasonable, in line with the national health standards.
  • Observe the separation of pollution and cleaning, separation of raw and cooked food, and convenient layout of each functional room.
  • Modern kitchen into the scientific design concept: energy saving, environmental protection, clean, beautiful.
  • Drawings: smoke exhaust, fresh air, water supply and drainage, electrical system, lighting, explanation and construction coordination.
Ventilation and smoke exhaust system solutions
  • Understand the needs of the operators and investigate the indoor space condition on the spot.
  • The exhaust gas volume and make-up air volume are designed, and the fan purifier is selected according to the installation site.
  • According to the model, the area of ventilation pipe and the reasonable spreading position of fresh air are calculated.
  • Professional calculation and control of pipe wind speed, considering the installation location to reduce noise.
  • Natural ventilation and frequency conversion equipment are used to realize smoke exhaust, ventilation and ventilation.
Overall commercial kitchen engineering solutions
  • The company relies on advanced technology, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service system to occupy the market.
  • The company has strong technical force and large-scale production capacity.
  • Has a high-quality kitchen project planning designer and technical personnel.
  • The team consists of professional and technical team and high-quality production and service team.
  • Set commercial kitchen equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation, after-sales service.
From intimate after-sales service
  • Service is a kind of culture and a kind of value. We adhere to the business philosophy of "taking customers as the center".
  • In line with the purpose of serving customers and creating value for customers, we will provide you with 7 * 24-hour service wholeheartedly.
  • Urgent customer's urgent, select customer's thought, provide standardized, specialized, diversified service to enterprise's customer.
  • We will give you timely support and service.
  • According to your needs to provide you with satisfactory solutions.
Production, research and development, production of commercial kitchen equipment, large kitchen equipment engineering design, construction, free call to the national kitchen kitchenware service number:18823768421
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